LDB CDC job posting service....

If you would like to post local available jobs, please visit the link below and follow the instructions.  This is a part of the LDB CDC website, and they will get your positions posted.  They can also help with job descriptions if you need assistance, please reach out to them at cdc@lacdubonnet.com

The Chamber is an association of business people, community organizations and interested individuals from the Town and R.M. of Lac du Bonnet. We are a non-profit, membership funded organization working for the businesses and community of Lac du Bonnet.

Our mandate is to act as a resource and provide services to our members, market and promote the businesses and the community of Lac du Bonnet. To undertake initiatives that improve the general business climate, thus improving the overall local economy. Our goals are to help create a better place for our families to grow and flourish, to give our children an opportunity to work and prosper in our community.

We firmly believe that our success is dependent on a commitment from all of us to work together towards Lac du Bonnet’s growth.


Grant Hein


Rob Doyle

Secretary / Treasurer

Michelle McMurren


Cathy Gregg – Email

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