Member Directory

This directory is open to Lac du Bonnet & district Chamber members only. If you are not a member and would like to join, contact Jennifer.


Lac du Bonnet Life Ltd.

Contact: David & Nicole Forsyth
Work Box 1878 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0

Lac du Bonnet Lions Club

Contact: Leslie Joyce
Work Box 818 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Website: Click Here

Lac du Bonnet Veterinary Services

Contact: Lisa Thomas
Work 124 – P.R. #317 Box 790 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-2535Work Fax: 204-345-1953Website: Click Here

Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association

Contact: Brian Shirtliffe President
Work Box 25 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-9545Website: Click Here

LDB Masonry

Contact: Dustin Feniuk
Work 32 Hedgestone Crescent Winnipeg MB R2N3X1 Work Phone: 204-330-7830Cell Phone: 204-345-6750

Lee River Construction

Contact: Alf Roberts
Work Box 1739 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-6775Work Fax: 204-345-9965

Margies Greenhouse

Contact: Joan Marion
Work 4 Riverland Rd Box 628 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-6224Work Fax: 204-345-6734Website: Click Here

MLCC Lac du Bonnet Liquor Mart

Contact: Glenda Hapko
Work 99 2nd Street Box 369 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-2350Work Fax: 204-345-9037Website: Click Here


Contact: Kim MacDonald
Work Phone: 204-268-2572Website: Click Here

Osis Timber Mart

Contact: Benj Osis
Work 119 Minnewawa St. Lac du Bonnet MB R0E 1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-2431Work Fax: 204-345-6388Website: Click Here

RBC Royal Bank

Contact: Coreen Pusiewich
Work 14 Park Avenue Box 340 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-1520Work Fax: 204-345-6582Website: Click Here


Contact: Norman Scott
Work 92 Second Street Box 9 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-2261Work Fax: 204-345-6208Website: Click Here

S&H Docks & Lifts

Contact: Nicole & Marc Bilodeau
Work 9 Drifters Bend P.O. Box 778 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-2669Website: Click Here

Sapphire & Stone Photography

Contact: Roxanne Fillion
Work Phone: 204-712-5021Website: Click Here

Sobering Funeral Chapel

Contact: Elizabeth Siebold
Work 1035 Park Avenue E. Box 1629 Beausejour MB R0E0C0 Work Phone: 204-268-3510Work Fax: 204-268-3853Website: Click Here

Storage Bros.

Contact: Greg & Derek McKnight
Work 128 McArthur Avenue Lac du Bonnet MB Work Phone: 204-250-8261Website: Click Here


Contact: Enika Zirk
Work 2 Park Avenue Box 1930 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-9777Work Fax: 204-345-9774Website: Click Here

Sunrise Heating & Cooling Ltd.

Contact: Tom Wegier
Work Box 97 Tyndall MB R0E2V0 Cell Phone: 204-981-8287Website: Click Here

Sunset Gourmet

Contact: Alyse George
Work Box 127 Pinawa MB R0E1L0 Work Phone: 204-340-6898Website: Click Here

Sunspace Sunrooms – EH Enterprises

Contact: Marie & Eldon Hiebert
Work 181 Blueberry Rock Drive Box 1189 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-2841Work Fax: 204-345-6095Cell Phone: 204-340-6193Website: Click Here

Tiber River

Contact: Farah Buhay
Work Phone: 204-340-1588Website: Click Here

Waterside Wireless Inc.

Contact: Linda & Ken Hampshire
Work Box 1537 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-345-9149Website: Click Here

Winnipeg River Charter Services

Contact: Gerry Maeren & Paula Walker
Work 30 McKenzie Street Winnipeg MB R2W4Z3 Work Phone: 855-340-6300Work Fax: 204-667-2913Website: Click Here

Winnipeg River Electric

Contact: Greig & Colleen Cuthbert
Work Box 206 Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Work Phone: 204-340-5600Work Fax: 204-345-2196

XL Yard and Home Maintenance Ltd

Contact: Lynn Piper
Work Phone: 204-782-8347
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